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SeatGeek is free and charges no fees, but because most of the tickets we find already have fees tacked on by the websites where they are sold, we choose to display these fees on SeatGeek so that you can weigh the full price of each ticket into your buying decision. Using SeatGeek is 100% free. It costs exactly $0.00.

The tickets you see on SeatGeek have all been listed on secondary market websites. This means that the tickets are being re-sold after already having been purchased once from the official box office (a.k.a. the primary market) eg. Telecharge, TN direct, Uber Seat, Score Big  etc . Sometimes this happens when individual consumers buy tickets to an event and a conflict arises that prevents them from attending. Many people — ticket brokers — make a business out of buying tickets as soon as they become available on the primary market and then angling for a profit by reselling them on the secondary market (with no intention of attending the event themselves).

Secondary market ticket prices are far more dynamic than primary market ticket prices, and can often fall below face value. Or, if primary market tickets are under priced or hard to get, secondary market tickets prices may exceed face value. Importantly, you can almost always still buy your way into an event on the secondary market long after primary market tickets have sold out.